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The Vines

Our vineyards are divided into three plots covering a total area of 1.5 hectares, and are located on the eastern foothills of the Traisental wine region in Lower Austria. Two of these belong to a local cru named Ried Altenberg, whose soils are mainly calcareous and rich in loam and löss. The vines here grow on southern terraced slopes with a view of the northern Kalkalpen. The other parcel is represented by Saladorfer Pire, a small vineyard hosting 50-year-old Grüner Veltliner plants, whose soils are mainly characterized by hard sandstone.

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Working with the vines

is a very time-consuming and challenging achievement of the winemaker  and his helpers.

We strive to do the vineyards as well  as possible in harmony with nature. We apply organic wine farming and going to be certified soon. The foliage work is almost exclusively done by hand. The grape harvest is done togehter with friends and family. The greening is a mixture of the vineyard's own fauna and cultivated seeds to ensure good vine vitality.

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Our wines are the result of a work led with great care and sensitivity that begins in the vineyard and continues in the same way in the cellar. Depending on the material available, we produce two lines of wines: one with a more immediate, fruity and fresh character, and another composed of wines of greater depth, body and complexity. Steel tanks are always filled to the brim to avoid defects and impurities. For longer vinifications and aging on the lees, intended for the more important wines, wooden barrels of different nature and size are used. Most of the fermentations are spontaneous and the manufacturing process is done with low intervention and little technical assistance.

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Earth Cellar-Wine Museum

A small portion of our wines with better aging potential are stored in the family's basement cellar, a relic of ancient peasant origin with more than 300 years of life. The underground cellar has been recently renovated and it works now also as a winery-museum, showing all its old rural charme with its arches made of stones and bricks. A unique place, where it is possible to organize tematic tastings on request.

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