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Sigi's Philosophy

The wine is the wordless poem of the winemaker and it usually speaks for itself. This is how I feel about my relationship as a winemaker with my product and my approach to understanding the taste of wine with a poetic weightlessness. I see wine as a personal part of me, but also as an independent source of pleasure and inspiration. I find an overly involved and intimate relationship with one's own product to be uncomfortable and self-indulgent. Only distance and impartiality reveals character. The ambivalence between being there and not being there, the bridge between freedom and control gives me the conviction to do the right thing.

On the other hand, the consumers decide about the quality of the wine. Criticism - whether positive or negative - is important to me and will alway be taken into consideration. However, my wines don’t follow any fashion trend, nor are shaped on the common taste. Oppositely, they are bottled the way they taste most appealing to me, to preserve the joy of creation in the wine-making process. I have a feeling for how I want the wines to be, and I work accordingly. The more I know about the variety of tastes, types of vinification and methods of cultivation, the better will be the choices I make. What I love about being a winemaker is working in accordance with nature and being surrounded by nature, letting it affect me and being free. In the cellar, I like to pay attention to every single step of the vinification and to the choice of the right method for each wine I produce. Then, of course, one also needs help, several helping hands to make the effort easier. Thank you family & friends for your support! Only by working together can I achieve the wine quality that we all enjoy.

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Sigi Resch Jr.

I studied winemaking at the Klosterneuburg School of Viticulture and I acquired a lot of experience through the associated internships at Weingut Markus Huber, Weingut Hiedler and John & Mike Favre, a swiss winery located in the Valais production area.

My second career path led me to a Master of Science at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems with a focus on basic biotechnological and medical research. Since 2018 my focus is on the further development of our small winery with additional part-time jobs (2018 as salesman at "Wein&Co", 2019 as editor at "Der Winzer" and currently as microbiologist at "Marwian").


Sigi Resch sen.

The landlord and creative thinker in our family. For over 40 years he has been working with full commitment on the farm and is also employed in the fruit-growing department of the horticultural school in Langenlois. Siegfried Senior brings his many years of experience in our vineyards combined with an innovative spirit. His intuitive mind and his big heart allow him to know how to inspire people and to choose the right wine to please our friends and customers.

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