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Our wine range


Gelber Muskateller

17 points and favorite wine of the editors of Gault&Millau

vintage  2021

Terraced location near Watzendorf, loess/marl/sandstone composition. Riede Altenberg

selective hand picking, 24/09/2021

24 hours  maceration time

Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tanks and maturation for

6 months on the fine lees 

subtly filtered, low use of sulphur

bottled: 10.06.2022

alcohol  12.0% vol

Titratable acid  5.2g/l

residual sugar  1.3g/l

drinking temperature  6-9 °C (depending on purpose and glass)

Shelf life: 3-5 years

Sensory: delicate notes of muscatel, white elderberry, lime, also in the taste, long, playful finish.



50% Gelber Muskateller x 50% Sämlling

vintage  2021

Cuveé from different vineyards of the Riede Altenberg

selective hand picking, 18/09/2021

destemmed and directly pressed

controlled fermentation with selected yeast in stainless steel tanks

storage in  stainless steel tank 

sterile filtered, medium  use of sulphur

bottled on 24.03.2022

alcohol  12.5% vol

Titratable acid  6.9 g/l

residual sugar  1.0  g/l

drinking temperature  6-9ºC 

shelf life  2-4  Years
  Fruit bomb, refreshing and elegant  



50% Neuburger x 50% Frühroter Veltliner
16 Gault & Millau points

vintage  2020

Cuveé made from Frühroter Veltliner grapes from Ried Altenberg and Neuburger grapes from the Weinviertel

selective hand picking,  11/9/2020

24 hours  maceration time

partly spontaneous fermentation, partly selected yeast in stainless steel tanks and used barriques

storage in  Stainless steel tank and 4 months in used 500L oak barrels 

sterile filtered, medium  use of sulphur

bottled on 09.07.2021

alcohol  12.0  %vol

Titratable acid  4.9  g/l

residual sugar  1.0  g/l

drinking temperature  6-9ºC 

shelf life  2-4  Years
  nutty-spicy  Flavors, wholesome, mild wine  



33,3 % St. Laurent x 33,3% Blauburger x 33,3% Blauer Portugieser
16 Gault & Millau points

vintage  2021

St. Laurent – Ried Altenberg, terraced area near Watzendorf, loess/marl/sandstone composition. Blauburger - riedenlos in the Traisental wine-growing region (own name "Saladorfer Pire"), the only vineyard in the area, loess in the upper soil, flysch and hard sandstone in the subsoil. And Blauer Portugieser additionally.

selective hand picking. 18.09.2021

maceration time  10 hours

spontaneous fermentation in neutral wooden barrels

maturation 6 months Sur Lie on the fine lees in used 500L oak casks
naturally cloudy, low use of sulphur
bottled on 02.04.2021

alcohol  12.0% vol

Titratable acid  5,4 g/l

residual sugar  1,2 g/l

drinking temperature  6-12ºC 

Shelf life: 5- 8 years 
Sensory: onion skin colour, subtle fruit aroma of rosehip, cornel cherry, raspberry complex and fresh finish



Grüner Veltliner - Abraxas

the dark side of Veltliner
17 Gault & Millau points

Vintage 2020

Harvest of golden, very ripe Grüner Veltliner grapes from the Saladorfer Pire

very old vineyard  Loess in the topsoil, flysch and hard sandstone in the subsoil

selective hand-picking of 100% healthy, loose-grained grapes on October 4th, 2020

destemmed and after 24 hours  maceration  pressed

slow spontaneous fermentation over 6 months in used barriques, then 12 months maturation on the fine lees

subtly filtered and low use of sulphur

bottled on 02.04.2022

alcohol  12.5 vol%

acid  5.2g/L

residual sugar  2,5  g/L

drinking temperature   8-13ºC

Shelf life: ~ 10  Years

Sensory: in the nose apples, bears and also pomelo, later a hint of vanilla and tobacco. on the palate pineapples and honey melon with a mineralic and chilly finish.

DSC_0293 (3)_edited.png

Grüner Veltliner - DAC

Ried Altenberg DAC
16,5 Gault & Millau points

Vintage 2021

Southern slope of Ried Altenberg, old vines on deep loess

selective hand picking on 01.10.2021

Whole grape pressing

cool, temperature-controlled fermentation with selected pure yeast 

reductive expansion in stainless steel containers

sterile filtered and medium use of sulphur

bottled on 21.03.2022

alcohol  12,5 vol%

acid  6.0g/L

residual sugar  2.2g/L

Drinking temperature: 7-12 °C

Shelf life: ~3 - 5 years

Sensors: garden parade. Yellow apple, pepper, nectarine, white currant. delicate melt on the palate.  As young as then

DSC_0314 (2).JPG

St. Laurent

old vines

17,5 Gault and Millau points


Vintage 2020

Southern slope on Ried Altenberg, on deep loess, 50 years +

selective hand picking  23.9.2020

one week semi-open fermentation in the vat
then pressed in full tank for clarification

1 year in new, lightly toasted small oak barrels 

gross filtered and low use of sulphur

Bottled on 03.04.2022

alcohol   12.5 vol%

acid   5.6g/L

residual sugar  1g/L

drinking temperature   12-18ºC

Shelf life: ~ 10  Years


Deep and compact. Overripe sour cherries, fragrant amarena, subtle hints of red paprika, freshly ground coffee beans, cinnamon and dark spices. Soft and long.



A fortified sweet wine (liqueur wine) made using the classic Ruby Port method.

Origin: Ried Altenberg, outermost row of vines on the southern slope

Manufacturing data:

in a half-open vat until the correct residual sweetness was reached, then fortified with wine spirit and moved to a stainless steel tank for clarification

Maturation: at least 1 year in small oak barrels

Filling: 0.5L bottles

DSC_0418 (2).JPG

Alcohol: 18,5 vol%

Acid: 6,4 g/L

Residual sugar: 60 g/L

tasting notes:

Following the Ruby Port wine style. Pickled cherries, plums and raspberry liqueur on the nose. Determined on the palate, deep and long with integrated chocolate notes and an vivid acidity. Postcard from Portugal.

Meal pairing:  

chocolate desserts, blue cheese,or simply alone

Drinking temperature: 12-22 °C

Shelf life: ~ 20 years

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